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Beachside Caravans Owners Sublet

Beachside Caravans Letting Service

If you do not wish to or don’t have the amount of time needed to hire out your own caravan to help you cover the running cost of your caravan at Devon Cliffs then we are here to do it for you.

We will include your caravan on our well ranked website www.devon-cliffs.com describing your caravan in words with photos included at no extra charge. Also a map showing its location. There is no fee for being added to my website. We accept bookings through our own website so there are no extra set up fees on external booking websites.

We only deal with caravans on Devon Cliffs and having been an owner myself for over 19 years, know the park very well, I am also onsite a couple of times every week.

We set your prices for you depending on model, age and condition of your caravan.

We liaise with the holiday maker answering all their enquiries, sending out details of the caravans for hire.

We collect all payments and booking details and confirm the booking with holiday maker sending details for their arrival at Devon Cliffs.

We deal with the paperwork to advise Haven Devon Cliffs of their arrival and complete the Play Pass forms so they can buy their passes on arrival, or purchase them online.

Once guests have departed we arrange for the caravan to be cleaned and checked after each holiday maker.

We transfer payment by bank transfer to the owner less deductions (cleaning, booking fee) for which there will be a full breakdown.

Payments to the caravan owner are either two monthly or at the end of the season.

Contact Us For Further Information

Email: letting@devon-cliffs.com

Office 01395 22 77 30

Mobile: 07973 227 471